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Leonard Mociulschi


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General Mociulschi
Lieutenant-General Leonard Mociulschi (1889-1979)
Leonard Mociulschi participated in three of the 20th century wars (2nd Balkan War, World War I and World War II), being decorated with more than 25 high awards. In the First World War he had received the French "Cross of War " (Croix de Guerre) from the general Henri Mathias Berthelot, the commander-in-chief of the French Military Delegation in Romania, according to Brevet No. 834 from the 13th of November 1918. He also received the Order of the "Romanian Crown" (Coroana Romaniei) with swords in the rank of Knight (ad personam), for his "bravery and skills proven in the fights of 1916" (according to the Royal Decree No.1416 from the 13th of June 1917) as well as the Order of the "Star of Romania" in the rank of knight (Steaua Romaniei), received on the 6th of August 1919 (H.D. No.3323). The major Leonard Mociulschi that time was awarded with the "Honor Sign" (Semnul Onorific) by the High Royal Decree No.2292 from the 4th of July 1932, occasioned by his 25th anniversary in the service of the nation. Later on, in June 1945, he received the same distinction for his many decades of active service in the Romanian Army, too.
War Cross (France)
The French "Cross of War "
On the Eastern Front, King Michael I, Marshal of Romania since the 10th of May 1941, awarded the Order of "Michael the Brave" 3rd class (Mihai Viteazul) to the colonel Leonard Mociulschi, by the Royal Decree 2886 from the 17th of October 1941. Leonard Mociulschi was also awarded by the Axis for his valor. He received the Finnish Order of the "Liberty Cross" with swords, 1st class (Vapaudenristin miekkoinnen), conferred by the Marshal of Finland, the baron Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim, on the 10th of March 1943, as well as the German "Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross" (Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes) awarded on the 18th of December 1943 for bravery in front of the enemy. An Austrian review highlighted the awards conferred to the general Mociulschi even on the first page of a number of 1944.
Liberty Cross (Finland)
The Finnish "Cross of the Liberty" with swords
On the Romanian Western Front, the highest Romanian Order, "Michael the Brave", was awarded twice to the general Mociulschi (in 1944 and 1945) for call of duty. Only few Romanian generals were decorated with this high distinction in the last year of the war, amongst them being mentioned the names of Gheorghe Avramescu, Ioan Dumitrache, Constantin Iordachescu and Leonard Mociulschi. Concerning the 2nd class of the Romanian Order "Michael the Brave", during the entire World War II there were awarded less than 70 decorations. The Finnish award Vapaudenristin miekkoinnen, 1st class, was conferred only to an elite of military personalities, amongst them being the generals Leonard Mociulschi and Gheorghe Cialik.
Royal Decree
The Decree No. 807 stated the bravery reason which imposed to award general Mociulschi with the Order of "Michael the Brave" with swords
In 2007, all decorations that belonged to General Mociulschi were donated to the National Military Museum King Ferdinand I, through an act of liberality. It has to be mentioned that the tunic of General Mociulschi was exhibited in a showcase in the section dedicated to the Romanian Army in World War II. Also in 2007 a conference was organized at the headquarters of the museum institution, on which occasion the entire collection was presented. The event was attended by the director of the National Military Museum King Ferdinand I, representatives of the press and public.
Michael the Brave with Swords (Romania)
"Michael the Brave" with swords (Romania)
The signature of the general

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